The Complex


A Lone Planet. One Complex.
Unlimited Chaos.


Balance Point

The Complex. A massive building for a massive experiment.
And a great place to hide in plain, untouchable sight.
John Smith— lucky him, his real name and what a great name for a vampire–joined the experiment when his luck ran out. The donor he had been seeing was more than willing but less than legal, and her father the Senator wants him staked. He takes the alternative: a ticket to experiment on Lorn.
But the experiment was a microcosm of the worlds of Seldova and once again, he finds himself at the end of stake wielded by an angry mate. This time though, it’s not his life being threatened–the sweet, down-on-her-luck succubus Auralym has made the bad choice this time.
And the choice was worse than he and Climantra security volunteer Marin thought. Short on time, they must find her if they hope to find their balance point…

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One Thousand Wishes, One Thousand Stars

The Angel fell, but not for him.

P’iliticus Alvinad had pined for the beautiful angel Arahambramin for centuries. But angels—living just a quarter turn out of the reality all the Metas inhabited—were one of the most mysterious of all the species, and she had never taken a second look at the diminutive djinn.

Pili’s heart was crushed when Min chose another to love. His ire rose when he found it was a Human. He knew he could ever turn her away from the Human who fathered her child.

He didn’t trust his heart after that. For his own safety, he entrusted his lamp to John Smith, the vampire. When John brings the lamp to the Complex, Pili is forced to follow. There, he discovers what his angel never knew about her chosen mate…

…and his plans for their child.

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