Club Imperial


Broken Bonds

Consensual: A Club Imperial Novel, Book 1

Consensual rebrand

Book 1 in the Club Imperial Series

The door read: Tessa Saint.
The truth was: she was nothing of the sort.
Even the name was a lie.

The woman most men fantasized about, a domme, a walking wet dream, and a master with a whip, Tessa Saint took charge and delivered on that fantasy. But Emmy–the woman Tessa became once she walked out the door of the club–was getting tired of the game. It was time to try the vanilla life.

The door read: Nathaniel Walsh
The truth was: the man was an open book
Emmy was interested in reading.

Nathaniel was instantly attracted to the enigma of Emmy, and against her better judgement she lead him into her world of whips and blindfolds, kink and domination. Having a man unencumbered with perceptions of her lifestyle, Emmy could not resist Nathaniel at the tip of her lash, his willing bedroom submission.

The door read: Club Imperial
The truth was: Emmy hid there in the dark for a reason.
She should never have left the comfortable shadows.

Her secrets would find a way to the light- and it was only time until Emmy’s lies were torn away and the truth revealed. Nathaniel wasn’t ready for that.

Neither was she.


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Broken Bonds: A Club Imperial Novel, Book 2

Broken Bonds rebrand

The door read: Club Imperial
The truth was: It could never hide all your secrets.
Emmy learned that the hard way.

Behind Club Imperial’s doors lay all of those Emmy never wanted to share. Secrets she wanted to hide forever from the world. And Nathaniel.

As she lay unconscious in the hospital, beaten and bruised, Nathanial never left her side. He didn’t want her lifestyle—their lifestyle—to take away from the justice her attack deserved. Slowly, as Emmy started to recover, she started to accept all the good in her new life…

Until the day her phone rang and her world, all those secrets, came crashing down around her.

Terrible things she left behind suddenly reappeared, and her scars were ripped open. Emmy wasn’t sure she could survive the pain, again, and she had to let Nathaniel go to protect him from the hell of her past…

But Nathaniel wasn’t walking away.


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Knots: A Club Imperial Novel, Book 3


 Kinbaku-bi–‘the beauty of tight binding’.

Dusty Rose is well versed in the beauty of kinbaku. Trained in Japan a rope artist, there is nothing more she enjoys than the feel of the silk rope running through her fingers as she binds her willing partners in the intricate patterns of her art. Dusty loses herself there, pretending her real life as Cece Robbe doesn’t exist.

Kinbaku is a Japanese style of bondage which involves tying up the bottom using simple yet visually intricate patterns.

Dr. Killian McInnis has had a rough year, after saving his friend Nathaniel’s life. He doggedly tried to avoid his problems by going back to the life he thought he could live without: being a Dom. It seems to be the only way to escape the social darling his family expects him to marry.

 The aesthetic arrangement of ropes and knots on the model’s body emphasizes characteristics like sensuality, vulnerability–and strength.

As desperate as their families are to keep Cece and Killian apart, they only succeed in driving them together. Unrequited desire hangs in the air between them, and they cling to each other desperately trying to find a way out together…

…sometimes, the knots we tie are our own.

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Untied: A Club Imperial Novel, Book 4



Everett Millhouse is dead.
Hannah Robbe is missing.
The Prima Domme of Club Imperial is the Prime Suspect.

Cece’s worst nightmares are coming true. She can’t run and she can’t hide from the angry wrath of her peers. Cece and Killian find themselves being torn apart as they try to figure out why she is being framed.

They’ll need a little help from their friends—the ones they know and the ones they never knew they had—to untangle the web of clues. Clues that lead them through the once pristine upper class, the dark underworld of BDSM, and make them face a dangerous fact:

Pittsburgh has a serial killer.

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Coming Soon:

Switched: A Club Imperial Novel, Book 5

Captive: A Club Imperial Novel, Book 6

Destroyed: A Club Imperial Novel, Book 7

Contractual: A Club Imperial Novel, Book 8





Cece Robbe is out of control. Her teenage hormones have gotten the best of her–and Gordon Stilton. Gordon hates how she is constantly tossing in turmoil, from her parents, from her peers. He knows how to help her, but it means controlling her–and there’s only one way to find out if Cece will listen to him… It’s time for some LESSONS.

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Now. Forever.Now Forever

Bethany and Edward are a comfortably married couple, with two kids, a house, minivan, a nice routine and… the worst sex of their lives.

Still in very much in love, Edward tries a little something to spice up bedroom habits.
It works. And it opens up a path before them they’d never thought they’d explore. But, oh, the fun they could have as long as they both are brave enough to try…

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14 thoughts on “Club Imperial

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  5. I truly enjoy reading bout Emmy and Nathaniel. It was a very will written and took you on a exciting journey of both sexual worlds and how you can blend them but the end left you really hanging I was hopping it was series that could stand alone or be read in concession. I am looking forward to reading the next book.

  6. mary carver

    Loved the first book, I was yelling at my kindle when I read the last page….I have got to get the second book ASAP….You are a wonderful writer and the book was excellent.

  7. Lillian Flanagan

    Really enjoyed Emmy and Nathaniels story. Just finished book2. Great writing! Confused though, cannot find book 3, all I see is book 4 Knots and a book of novellas? What is the name of book3? I really want to read them in order.

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