The Witchlands

These stories are the further adventures of the characters that were born and raised in my other penname’s universe, including “Penumbra” and “Second Moon”… Please Find out more by clicking “About me” from the Menu and selecting J. Rose Alexander

The Lastillions Series
The Demon Slayers Series


The children of the Princess Witch are all grown up, and are finding their own trouble in the world. Together with their father– a member of the Council of Arna– and their uncle — The Prince Witch– they are out to rid the supernatural world of the evil that lurks within.



coming soon
*previously released in Wicked Winter


The Demon Slayers Series takes places in the same Witchlands Universe of the Lastillions. Witches who seek to find the truth about the Abthecian An, this is the beginning of the alliance between the Councils of Arma and Arwinelle and the demons who inhabit the same world…

Passions Flames



Belle Ptolemny, the youngest daughter of the Demon Slayer family, has been sent on a quest: to find what happened to the Book of Tahat Sheol. It is the one book that might help her family defeat a demon on the rise.

Raphale Astor is the leader of a clan of Others, who hide in the shadows of the world. He is the one man who may be able to help Belle find her book, and she is completely enamored with him instantly.

Now, if only he weren’t a demon…

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