The Birth of Club Imperial

So how does a girl who usually bills herself a scifi/fantasy writer end up writing erotic romance? I guess it’s obvious that I had never been much into romance novels. I always found the characters trite, and the female characters disinteresting at best.

Then came the horror that was “Twilight”. Being a lit major and aspiring author myself, I always had only the utmost respect for those who wrote. Until “Twilight”. I finished the first novel, walked by the trash can and threw it in. My lovely vampires had been perverted and I saw no hope for my vampires to ever be published after that tripe.

And again, spawned by “Twilight”, came EL James’s breakout fan-fiction spin off, “Fifty Shades of Grey” and its two friends. This time, at least I was intrigued by the characters enough to get though the first and second book with issues. The third book was a bit drafty for the lack of plot, but I made it through and the best part of the whole book was the last 50 pages or so.

I wondered if there were more books out there that had the same erotic bend to them, but were… better written. More well crafted. Not based on Twilight, since I think that Bella is a vapid bitch. And Anastasia is a clueless dingbat.

I did find some that were interesting– The Bellum Sisters, The Black Dagger Brotherhood, the Kategan Alphas (though Ms. Grey learns how to write with this series). Then I found Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series. My goodness. Yes please and thank you. Along with Ms. Day’s stories came Sylvain Reynard’s “Gabriel’s Inferno” (oddly enough, also based on Twilight, but with a far less idiotic female main character).

Most of these had the women as those who were the submissive. Either literally or figuratively. I am not really a fan of women who can’t care for themselves, who believe they aren’t worth anything without being on the arm of a man, who need a man in their life. Please, make no mistake, I am married. I very much love my husband, but we’re here because we want to be; neither of us need each other as though we were to die without the other. But the women who find their worth in being labeled ‘girlfriend’, ‘fiancee’, ‘wife’ hold no real charm for me.

I am not, to use the parlance, a submissive. At all. Literally or figuratively. So why couldn’t I read about a woman taking the reins? or the whips, as it were?

Why couldn’t I write a story better than EL James? Why couldn’t I make my main character the Domme. I was already good at writing strong females, why not add a little kink to it and subtract the scifi/fantasy aspect?

A good old fashioned erotic BDSM novel.

Club Imperial is set in an unlikely city– Pittsburgh. The story would be lost if I set in New York or LA. San Francisco was just too stereotypical for this. Even Anne Rice uses it. Plus, the lifestyle exists everywhere. Even in the Rust Belt.

In the last stages of editing now, Club Imperial: Consensual will be online and available for purchase through the major e-tailers by June 15th. Check back for updates, new blogs, more information about the stories, the characters, and future installments of the Club Imperial series.

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