As Promised… Another teaser–

Enjoy! Just 14 more days!


“Alright, then, let’s get some other businesses back on our radar screen here,” Victor said. “I have some financial spelunking to do so everyone get out.” He made shooing motions. “Emmy, could you get me a coffee and see if there’s any further documentation on the yard roles. God knows they don’t like to put anything in the computer.” He blanched. “Don’t tell Cecelia I said that.”

“Sure,” she said laughing. “Where we would they keep them?”

“In the secondary storage room,” he said. “I think that’s where Jorja was putting them. If they’re not there, you’re going to have to go down to the yard and check.”

“Jorja was a bit of an ass,” Emmy said. “I’ll probably be down in the yard tomorrow.”

Victor laughed as Emmy pulled the door closed behind her.

“Ok, so where’s the secondary storage room?” Emmy asked Nathaniel.

“Come on, I’ll show you,” he said, motioning her to follow him. He walked down the hall past the exec washroom door and down in to the cubicle farm beyond the glass door. He walked through the cubes to the far end where there were two doors, one locked and one unlocked. He pulled out his ID badge and held it against the door lock and heard it click open.

He pushed the door open and the lights popped on with a horrible fluorescent flicker and whine. The room was filled with filing cabinets and shelving which was full of banker boxes. He let the door close behind them, headed to the back of the room, and pulled another door open. The room was identical to the first. “Here we go. Your badge should open that door. Cecelia is usually pretty good about making sure the stuff is brought up, but she only does it twice a year. I don’t know if that’s been in the past few months or not.”

He turned around and looked at her. Emmy had a look of concentration on her face, and he suddenly realized how very far away they were from any of the other people in the building. Alone. And he was suddenly very aware of why she had been staying away from him as much as she could. The air between them fairly crackled with tension.

She cleared her throat. “Um. Well. Yes. Thank you.”

“Emmy…” he said, his own voice sounding husky.

“You should really go,” she said.

“I’m not sure I want to,” he answered.

She put her fingers to her forehead. “You should.” She looked at him. “Unless you want me to throw you to the ground.”

“You’ve been avoiding me in the office all week,” he said.

“Because I want nothing more than to tie you up and fuck you,” she said, stepping back. “So unless you want that right here, right now, you should go back to your office. Now.”

Her words shocked him, but he actually found himself torn. He wanted her, but at the same time, did he really want to have sex in a supply closet when he had all those rooms at home to choose from? He could imagine her on his master bed, dressed in those thigh highs… He tried to step forward, but she stopped him with the clipboard.

“Think about it, Nathaniel,” she said. “Stop doesn’t work on me.”

Stop doesn’t work. He looked at her and blinked lazily a few times. He pushed the clipboard to the side. “Fine. Then don’t stop.” He walked right up to her and pressed himself against her breasts, not moving his hands.

Emmy drew in her breath slowly. “You have no idea what you’re saying,” she said.

“Don’t I?” he said.

“Not even remotely,” she answered.

He leaned into her ear. “Show me,” he breathed.

JUNE 15th!

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