Explaining the Mistress

smallstrap“Why do you write such strong female characters?”
“Because you’re still asking me that question.” ~Joss Whedon

I love that man.
So,  anyway. I had a little explanation down further about how the whole Club Imperial universe came about. And I have had a lot of people tell me that they won’t read a female Domme because they like Alpha males.

What on God’s Green Earth make you all think that a man isn’t an Alpha if he’s being a sub?

I am not a fan of humiliation. I don’t like it, I don’t think that anyone should be subjected to it. Not even when they are playing a scene. I know, I know. It’s what some people want, and that’s how some people enjoy their lifestyle. Fine. That doesn’t mean I have to approve, but I will not tell you that you can’t. Live and let live, your bedroom not mine,  and all that jizz. Jazz.

But that statement should give you a clue as how I treat my characters. There is never any question that Nathaniel is an Alpha male. You’ll see even more of that when we get to book 2. In fact, at one point, he actually says that he cannot be a sub to her because he’s running a huge business. He simply cannot have her snap at him in the office.

I have no desire to emasculate the male characters. There are strengths that they possess that my female characters need, be it a devil’s advocate, a shoulder to cry on, a warm body in the bed, the rock when everything is unsteady. That they are sexual submissive in the bedroom has NO baring on their actual Alpha status.

Now imagine the strength it takes for man to have an Alpha female by his side. He knows she’s strong, independent, and there because she wants to be there. There is NO doubt that she could walk away and find someone else to submit to her– but she doesn’t.

Sexual submission in the bedroom does not emasculate a man, nor does it remove his Alpha status. Because there is always the safe word. He can tell her it’s over in a moment simply by uttering it. And doesn’t. Sexual submission takes a man who truly knows himself, inside and out.

Now, why doesn’t my Domme find someone more likely to submit to her, someone more likely to not resist, to never question? Because like attracts like, my friends. I handsome man, clearly the master of his domain appeals to a woman who knows what she wants as well. He will challenge her, keep her life interesting, keep her on her toes. He will seek permission to return her pleasures. Her life with an alpha male will never be boring or repetitive.

Sexual submission is what my Domme wants, what she’s trained to demand and give pleasures for. She does not wish to emasculate you; she wants your pleasure. She wants to see you there. And by doing that without taking away the essential male, she is just as strong and erotic as any male Dom.


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