WIP Wednesday!

Well, Broken Bonds isn’t really a WIP right now, but I might be able to find something to share with you. I’ve actually been working between A Violin in the Snow and Knots, and it’s kind of a race to see which one is going to keep my attention for now. Both are stand-alone, so whatever gets done, get done.

There’s also A Fine Line waiting for me as well…  Hmm.

Still, it is WIP Wednesday and I would like to share a little something with you. Check it out below!


CoverphotodateGwen looked at them all, and clapped her hands. “Ladies and gentlemen, I think we’ve had more than enough excitement for one day. Let’s call it a workday and go home. Because I know where I want to be right now, and it’s not standing here in front of a police investigation.”

No one argued with her. Everyone had brought their own cars, so much to his dislike, Nathaniel was going to have some alone time while they all drove back to North Hills. He didn’t want the alone time. He wanted both Emmy and his brother in the truck with him; he’d almost his brother today and he didn’t think that he would be able to recover from that. If Dayton had caused the death of his brother, there was no way that he could ever really recover from that. What would have happened to him? To the company? To that little girl who was probably napping in her nursery? It more and more seemed that the state was going to let Victor adopt her. Could he take that over if something happened? How would he ever run the company alone?

He shook the thought out of his head. He and Victor were long overdue for this discussion. They had to take into consideration the baby and how things should work if either or both of them were killed. Or died. After all, their mother had died in a car accident and their father had died from a heart attack. No one knew when their time would be up.

First, Emmy, as he was only getting to know her. Now Victor, before he had a chance to really start rebuilding himself. And then the potential to lose a gorgeous baby who he wanted as his niece. Two business associates he deemed irreplaceable. This sucks.

Joanne had drinks lined up for them when they walked in. Gin and tonic for Victor, a Manhattan on the rocks for him, and Emmy’s cosmo. She nodded at them, not smiling as they each took the right drink. “I thought that you might like those when Quinn told me what was going on down there. Victor?”

Victor slammed the drink back on the counter. “Fine. I’m fine. I’m alive, I’m pissed, I’m tired and I need another one of those.” He sat on the high stool next to the island. “Jesus, I almost died today.”

Nathaniel didn’t say anything. He just took a huge swallow of the drink and enjoyed the hot fire of the alcohol warming every part of his body. Joanne always used the good whiskey for this. She mixed up another gin and tonic for Victor, and put it down in front of him. “Slower, please, Victor. The first one I’ll forgive you.”

He slammed it back anyway. But instead of slamming the glass back on the counter, he kept going back and crumbled to the ground.

Victor!” Joanne screamed.

Want to know where it all starts? It all starts in “Consensual”–

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