Goings on…

… and there are quite a few of them.

First and foremost, once again, I do apologize for being gone so long! Life is big, and it keeps getting in my way. I’ve had some not-so-great news about a coworker (the C word, I hate it), which then threw my life into a tizzy. So I’ve been trying to keep up with just the basics. Food, shelter, sanity. I’ve been successful with 2 out of 3…

Now- for those of you who are waiting anxiously for Broken Bonds, you’re not going to love this news: It’s been delayed. Big time. I’m not even sure I can give a guess when it will be out. But — this is not a bad thing. I know you want to know what happens with everyone, and you will find out. But I have to delay it.

Because —
I’m taking Consensual down. It’s being re-edited and it will be put back up as quickly as possible under a publisher’s flag. The cover and story will remain as unchanged as possible, but the editing will polish the story. I love it, I stand behind it, but let’s admit it– it needs a polish.

So. Broken Bonds is delayed until next year. I don’t think that cover will change much either, but if it does, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Also, J. Rose Alexander has given me permission to write some sexy vamps in her universe. I know she’s just started releasing her witches and vampires and wolves (and I won’t be touch her wolves because I have my own), but I love her vamps — The Lastillions– and I want to write a few stories with them. We’ll be working on that in the future.

Lots going on. Lots more to look forward too. Consensual will be off-sale by the end of the week, and I’ll announce when it’s back up. Keep checking back for Broken Bonds.

And watch out for Silver Soul announcements, as well as the Lastillions.

And Keep Reading!
… your reviews are our tips!

For anyone who posted a review on any portal where Consensual has been for sale, please note: I have all of your reviews saved! They are well loved, and I have them posted here.

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