All Around the Internet

le plumeI feel like I’m everywhere at once! So, let me share some of the goings on with you-

First, please take a look at the sidebar. You’ll see a pretty fleur-de-lis, courtesy of Beau Coup, LLC. Awesome people over there, and you should (after you’re done here) click on it and check out some of the other awesome writers that they represent. – Especially Sable Hunter. She’s a love, and a talent.

Second, there are some blogs floating around that have been kind enough to feature me. (I’m still getting a kick out of this stuff, and the scotch isn’t helping me calm down.)
1. Inner Goddess had a little bit on me the other day. Check it out here.
2. Today, I was a guest at Ginger Ring. Check me out this time here.
3. Beau Coup Publishing is have a Christmas Countdown and I’m #6!
4. My giveaway ends tomorrow at just about midnight. Still time to enter!

So you can see I’m all over the place. I’m busy as a beaver with a dam, and I can’t even hang on the internet tonight because I have to go to my “real job” Holiday Party. (If you follow me on facebook, there may be a drunk picture or two!) I had to get someone to cover my second job as well. I’m just everywhere.

And can someone come over and put up my tree? You have to clean the porch off for it, too. Sorry…

Anyway, check it all out. I’m going to keep you all up dated on everything shaking; here, on FB and on Twitter. So get in on the fun!

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