If you notice on the right, the meter for Not Quite Juliet is gone! The book has been sent to Beau Coup for a read through and I’m just waiting for some feed back. Once that happens, I have some fun things planned for all of you.

Meanwhile I have two other little bits of news for you:


We’ll talk more about the Lastillions later when I get further into the stories and when more of J. Rose Alexander’s stuff is floating around. Meanwhile, you’ve been notified! šŸ˜€

If you look at the meters on the right, you’ll see Club Imperial: Knots sitting over there as it has been for a while. But take note of the word count! I’ve decided that this story will be better served as single long book. We’ll see what happens when I get to the end and the publisher sees that number, but it’s being written as a single volume for now!

Also: The blog has been polished. I’m very pleased with this update! It’s clean and neat and easy to managed and read. I hope that if you’re reading this on a mobile device, you’re finding the interface easy as well. I double checked that for all you iPad/tablet/mobile peeps. Let me know if you have any problems.

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