Still breathing…


How are you? It’s been a while, eh? I’m going to have to apologize for that, but I don’t regret it. Because wonderful and terrible things happened in the meanwhile.

Let me explain. No, that will take too long; lemme sum up. (ha!)
For the TL;DR’s–
I’m sorry.
Life is wonderful and terrible
I kicked NaNo’s ass, and you get the benefits
tsū is cool
there will be a newsletter soon.

In long form:

In June my wonderful, amazing publisher asked me to help with cover design and formatting. I’ve been sucked into it. I love making covers almost as much as I love writing. It was a work of passion, and will continue to be. For a while there, it took over my life. Which… wasn’t good. I didn’t do any writing at all in August. That was akin to having no water in a desert. Not cool. So, I’ve instituted “Leave me alone Thursday” where just a few people get to bother me and I hole up in my writing cave for the night.

Then, September happened. I went on an amazing vacation to Alaska (hello, inspiration! Watch for a series called Alaska Wild late 2015!). There is nothing quite as amazing as staring at a 19,500 ft mountain and a 6-mile wide glacier. Truly. But the trip will be forever tainted by the loss of my mother-in-law while we were away. We were unable to make it back for her memorial, but as her wishes did not include this memorial, we are at peace with that. And at the end of the month, I lost my beloved kitty Henri.

October is a blur. Honestly. I woke up and it was November. And do you know what November means in an author’s world?



This is good news for you because as you can see, I won. What does ‘win’ mean? In one month, I cranked out 52,000 words for my new book. It’s a paranormal series, so I hope you’re interested. It’s good and dirty, so it has that going for it. It’s also an angels, demons and devils story, which I’ve never tackled before. I went out on the limb with this one. The notes are hilarious. “Look for a decent demon.” “WTF is a throne angel- find out.” Sometime in February, I hope to present you with “HALF-SOUL” the first book of The Realm, a three book series.

Two other points of order:

1.tsū has taken off and if you’re interest in teasers, promos, contests, excerpts and other goodies, please join us! All of what I’m posting there will also be on FB, but because of their new regulations, it will be harder and harder for all of you to see it. tsū does not filter. You will see everything in real time. So, please, consider joining me and a metric sh*t ton of other authors over there.

2. I will be starting a mailing list. I’ll have a post about it when it’s up and running and I will have a sign up link on the right when I get there. Which shouldn’t be long, honestly.

So, in conclusion:
I’m sorry.
Stick around, things are happening.

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