What’s shakin’, bacon?

…Mmm. Bacon.

ANYWAY- got a few things for you all! Good things, great things, wonderful, read-y-type things.

First- I will be at AUTHORS IN THE CITY in March! We’re in Myrtle Beach this year and you should come and visit. The tickets are on sale now: full day ticket are available until Jan 31st, and until March 7th for signing only.

Next: another anthology! I like these, if you couldn’t tell! This one is with Beau Coup Publishing’s authors. It has a delightful smattering of paranormal and regular romance. Redemption, reunions, new futures together, laughter, tears– WINDSWEPT has it all. It will be released in Kindle and paperback on Feb 9th, so keep your eyes on your ereader!

windswept-front1And last: I am working like the dickens to get you all FOUR different stories. Two are Katherine Rhodes, two are for J. Rose Alexander. I hope to have the first in a new series under Katherine out in February. HALF-SOUL, the first of The Realm series–my first full length erotic paranormal romance.

Then hopefully in March I will have made a decision on the next Club Imperial and will be presenting the next in the Club Imperial series. What decision? Well. Here’s my issue. The story is very complicated and I feel like I might have to split it in two to make sure you get the whole story. It’s long, ladies and gents. Really long. And I want to give you a good book. So bare with me while Cece tells me her whole story and I can work out if it’s going to stand alone or be a 2-parter (without the brutal cliffhanger of Consensual. It will still leave you hanging, but I promise it won’t be brutal).

If anyone would like a more personal update, with exclusive teasers, cut scenes, and all the little goodies, please feel free to subscribe to my NEWSLETTER! I’ll be sending out the first edition (and about one a month thereafter) as soon as I have 25 subscribers. Get in on the fun!

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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