Consensual… Where It All Started.

It’s free! Consensual is free on Amazon Feb 17 through 19, but if you miss it, no worries. We’ll have a Kindle Countdown right after that– the book will be just $.99 on the 20th. Consensual rebrandDon’t be mad at me for the Cliffhanger, ladies and gents! The second book, BROKEN BONDS is out and available now on Amazon as well. I promise you, you will love it! I can’t even tell you how much I loved writing these. Well, maybe I can, since I’m planning to revisit Emmy and Nathaniel in a novella later this year. YEAY! More to come on that.

If you’re loving the Club Imperial world, you should meet Morgan, her rocker, and their club– Downbound. NOT QUITE JULIET also revisits Emmy and her kinky crew, as well as introducing you to some more people you’re going to want to know more about it. Especially the sexy and mysterious Nick D.
** please note that 10% of all sales of Not Quite Juliet go to CHoP!

I have AWESOME news coming on new books, and old friends. 😀 Hang on! It’s all on it’s way!

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3 thoughts on “Consensual… Where It All Started.

  1. lynn

    I found Consensual for free on facebook. I am so glad that I found it. I had to purchase the second one to it, which is fine!!! I was so happy to find it and even happier to read it. I loved both of the books. I cried with Emmy, I laughed with Emmy. I even cried for Emmy..and for myself…For you see, I am a survivor of sexual abuse. My bio father started touching me when I was just in fourth grade. I was nine years old. The last time he touched me was when he raped me the last time when I was eighteen. He is dead now. He died back in 2009. That was the most happiest day of my life. I am glad to say that I survived. And, books like this, will show others out there, that there is a way to get out of any type of abusive situation. Thank you, thank you very much, Katherine for writing this book. It helped me to understand some of the things that I do. Keep good books coming..

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