Mercy’s Angels: Tiffi’s Story by Barbi Barnard

Beau Coup Publishing presents

Mercy’s Angels: Tiffi’s Story

by Barbi Barnard

Rules are good. They keep us in line, they keep us safe and they teach us to live life to the fullest.
Tiffani is learning the ways of the MC life. Raised by a woman who taught her order and security, she has a strong sense of loyalty and devotion to her “family”.
Join in the education of the Rules of MC life.




I hear boots walk out and turn my head. Nick is still here. Greg left. “Damn, baby, they did a number on you.” I can’t stop the tears. They are falling down my cheeks like a faucet. He closes the gap between us and holds me to his chest. “I never wanted you to be here. I told Prez it was a bad idea. But I never thought this would happen.” I stiffen at his words. I knew he was avoiding me, but to hear him say it burns my heart.

Pushing him off of me, I go into the bathroom and shut the door. My dress is torn and I look like crap. I strip down and put on the T-shirt. It falls to my knees. I use the rag from earlier and clean up a bit better. As I open the door, I notice Nick is still here. “You can go. I can handle this myself, thank you.”

“You look great in my shirt,” he says. I want to see his eyes, but I heard him. He doesn’t want me here. “Look at me, let me see that beautiful face.” I snort a laugh at him.

“You don’t have to tell me that. Stephen told me all about you before I ever had anything to do with you. I can stay out of your way like you stay out of mine.”

Out of the corner of my eye I see him come closer. I feel the heat from his body as he stands right in front of me. He lifts my face to look at me. “I avoided you because I didn’t know how to tell Bullit about us. I never dreamed you were his kid. I don’t want to stay away from you. You got under my skin like an itch. I think about you all the time. I just can’t lie to my Brother. I don’t know the words to tell him I slept with his daughter.”

The tears are still falling as I tell him, “You don’t need to lie. He doesn’t ever have to know. I won’t say anything.” I try to pull away from him, but his hold on me is strong.

“Stay. I want to hold you,” he whispers in my ear as he scoops me up and lays me on the bed. “I’ll deal with Bull in the morning. Let’s get you into bed and see if you feel better in the morning.”

He pulls the covers out from under me and then up over my body. I watch him as he stands and walk to the chest. He grabs some clothes and heads to the bathroom. Soon, I hear the shower and know that this must be his room. I listen as the water cuts off and roll over away from the doorway. I feel the bed dip as he gets in. His arms circle me and I am pulled into his chest. “Sleep, baby. It’ll be better tomorrow.” The sweet words are nice to hear after everything that’s happened tonight, but the kiss on my neck is the best. It doesn’t take long and sleep claims me.


Also by Barbi Barnard: 


This is the story of three women who all have one thing in common: Angels Mercy MC.
Elizabeth forced to live the club life by threats and violence.
Jenni watched in disgust and confusion.
Tiffi heard the stories from her family.

Three women. Three tales of courage, determination… and a little humor.
Find how “Momma” became the owner of a Motorcycle Club…

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