MOUTH – A Steamy Anthology

Ladies and Gents–
I am EXTREMELY proud to be a part of the MOUTH anthology. Twenty Authors with twenty steamy tales of passion– all proceeds will go to breast cancer research.

It’s a cause near and dear to me, as I have a family member deep in the process of treatment. It was a dangerous, aggressive cancer that thanks to awareness and medical science, she is well on the road to remission. It’s important to get the word out about this –and all cancers– so we can all have a chance at long, full lives.

We’re also keeping the cost of the book low– just $.99. That’s it. It’s cheaper than coffee and last longer! And– you can read it again and again!

…just be warned. When we say steamy, we are not kidding. Not at all.

And now we proudly present:

A Steamy Anthology

front cover

The Dark, Hot Night – Carter Ashby 
Faking Love – Author Josie Bordeaux 
Angel – MC Cerny Author 
Vampire Escapade – Author Christy Dilg 
Lesson for Lox – Author S.M. Donaldson 
Paradise Tempted – L.B. Dunbar, Author 
Cherry Pop – Roxie Elms
In Session – Mary Catherine Gebhard 
The Trouble with Cowboys – Author-Cassie Graham 
Scandalous – Danielle Jamie 
A Singer and a Solider – Lorraine Loveit Author 
Rough & Tumble – Author Kristen Hope Mazzola 
Second Chances – Scarlett Metal 
Lessons – Katherine Rhodes 
Lost Soul – Author t. h. snyder 
Tag Catcher – Kandi Steiner 
Tonight Only – Layla Stevens 
Sea of Flames – Author Madison Street 
Sirens – E.A Sutton 
Commander’s Wife – Dawne Walters Author



Pre-Order Now for only $0.99



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