Some news…

Dear readers–

Thanks for sticking with me over the past year. I know I’ve been a little in and out and up and down and over and under, but I finally got there. UNTIED is in my readers’ hands–or ereaders, as it may be.

With that, I’m going to pause on writing the rest of Club Imperial. No, don’t worry. I still want to tell you Franz and Victor’s story, as well as Allison’s, Robert’s, and Darien’s. There’s a lot of story to tell.

But at the same time, there are so many other stories banging around in my head, I need to tell those too. I want to tell you about Simon Garabaldi, Hannah, Nicole. There are four more band members in Silver Soul. There’s the rest of the Realm, as well as several standalones and more paranormals that are all begging to be let out.

So, while Club Imperial is still my biggest series–and keep an eye out for shorts in the universe!–I need to pause, untangle Franz, Victor and Allison, and tell the other stories that I’m dying to tell you.

Watch this space! I’m going to be sending out newsletters on the regular, and I’ll be keeping you all updated on what’s coming!

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