December Updates!

Now, I know I’m a little behind here–because let’s face it, December kind of takes over your life and you forget things like your blog, your twitter, my pants…

So, Let’s see. I owe you three books here. Starting with the oldest first:

teach-me-to-sinTeach Me to Sin

Claire Roberts is one kinky f**ker.
She loves submitting, she loves being tied up and she loves being spanked. There is only one Dom at The Club that makes her come, and makes her come back: Master Maddox. Their dynamic is so intoxicating, Maddox can’t resist asking Claire out and getting to know her as more than just a sub.
Even outside the doors of The Club, the chemistry between them is undeniable. Even giving up her submission to discover how far they could go with their relationship, Claire is utterly drawn to Maddox, and Maddox to her.
But Master Maddox has a secret. One that will rip he and Claire apart, and rend his life in two–and Claire doesn’t know how, or even if, she can help him…

Now, I have to tell you. This was an accidental story. I didn’t mean to write a third in the Club series. But we had someone withdraw, and this *just happened*–and it is just one of my favorites that I’ve ever, ever written. It’s a different story because, 1. these two are already in the lifestyle, 2. I address some touchy topics. and 3. Mamere Franny is the bomb. Go head, check it out. It’s worth it–as long you’re okay with the X-rating.


frontBalance Point
The Complex

The Complex. A massive building for a massive experiment.
And a great place to hide in plain, untouchable sight.
John Smith— lucky him, his real name and what a great name for a vampire–joined the experiment when his luck ran out. The donor he had been seeing was more than willing but less than legal, and her father the Senator wants him staked. He takes the alternative: a ticket to experiment on Lorn.
But the experiment was a microcosm of the worlds of Seldova and once again, he finds himself at the end of stake wielded by an angry mate. This time though, it’s not his life being threatened–the sweet, down-on-her-luck succubus Auralym has made the bad choice this time.
And the choice was worse than he and Climintra security volunteer Marin thought. Short on time, they must find her if they hope to find their balance point…

Aliens. Vampires. Succubi. Psychics. Threesome. That got your attention!


come-fly-with-me-frontCome Fly with Me

Isobelle Cate & Katherine Rhodes

Karim, Texas sweltered in the heat and it wasn’t what I was used to. I came from a place where rain was incessant, where people experienced the four seasons in one day. Where my eyes were opened to a whole new way of living as a submissive. Problem was, I got burned. My master wasn’t the Dom who sought my pleasure at the same time as his own. He only sought his own, convincing me I would find bliss when he came inside me even when I screamed my safe word. Sure, he got reported and banned. I received the help to face the demons he had placed inside my mind.
But the damage had been done.
I left England for a change of scenery. Even the surrounding nations that comprised the United Kingdom were not big enough for me to get lost and find myself. I needed to move to somewhere unfamiliar and maybe then, I’d find some semblance of peace.
I never thought that I’d find peace with the very person I ran away from.
A Dom.
This is my story.

Whoops. Number Four. This wasn’t supposed to happen, but when Isobelle asked me to help with her story, I couldn’t resist. And I got finally got to write a fire play scene. God, that’s sexy… Enjoy!

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