Neat Freak!

Did you know that I’m writing a weekly serial over on Wattpad? I most certainly am!

MC Cerny invited me to be apart of her Fresh Sexy Episodes and every day of the week, there is another new episode from a different author. It’s been fun and the stories are so very different! Please come join us on Wattpad.

Neat Freak, the first of the Love Potions Serial– each 10 week season will feature another story from the Aulfiero Pharmaceuticals office. The boss, Dr. S. Rodney Caswell is up first!

I didn’t expect my new boss to be such a neat freak.
Some people said he had impossible standards.
Others said he was consumed by perfection.
And still others just thought he was weird.

I was consumed by his perfection.
There was never a doubt that he was a freak.
And I liked it.

Businessman holding a leather whip.

Neat Freak – Season 1 of Love Potions
Now Uploading every Saturday.

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