Magic and Alphas!

M&A Book-Series

Just $.99 on Amazon!

Paranormal Romance blazes hot in Magic & Alphas.
And it became even sexier… More dangerous… Scandalous. 

These 8 full-length, first in series books have NEVER BEEN READ BEFORE. Each has brand new content, brand new worlds.
Everything is totally unique and fresh. Perfect for romance and paranormal addicts alike.

Stories included are:

Michael’s Honor by Devin Fontaine
by Katherine Rhodes
by Brenda Trim & Tami Julka 
Grave Stones
by Calinda B
The Lunar Effect
by C.J. Pinard 
A Streak of Tigers
by Margo Bond Collins 
Edge of Magic
by Catherine Vale
Queen of Gods
by Scarlett Dawn & Katherine Rhodes

These are all first in series, and this anthology is a LIMITED TIME run!
Grab all 8 books right now for just $.99

Live Now on AMAZON

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