Death of Gods

Death UpdateCruel. Criminal. Cunning.
The bestselling VAMPIRE CROWN series continues with Death of Gods. Twisted characters and unfolding schemes fill this next installment with unbeatable darkness.

Life is war.
The Spine’s broken on S’Kir and there’ll be no reunification of the Druids and Vampires. Not while Savion, a bloody tyrant king, rules the vampires and seeks to subjugate the druids through whatever means necessary.

Love is war.
On earth, a newly crowned king, a coming war, and a romance for the ages threaten Queen Gwynnore and the Overlords ultimate plans—while they race against the countdown of doom. If only Gwen could keep a certain “devil” lord from killing everyone…

Life is the war no one denies.
Love is the war where no one can hide.

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