Frozen Alaska

Five friends.
One Summer.
Everything changes.

We wanted to celebrate the end of college. The end of all the hard work, the beginning of our new lives. Brandy had the perfect place:



I was only too happy to pay for the renovations to my bestie’s hard earned homestead. I loved spoiling my friends, and I had ways to do it. I also loved the outdoors, and new adventures.

Jason was definitely a new adventure. We seemed to be the perfect couple, and we fell together easily. I thought it was his secret that was going to drive a wedge between us–I never expected it to be mine.


Fate has terrible timing. The instant I saw her, I knew Delia was mine– and I couldn’t have her. Still, being around her was amazing and I hoped that we could be together someday.

But there was someone who would go to any lengths to get rid of my mate. It would force me to make decisions that would change the course of our lives…

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