Consensual, an excerpt–

This is intended for mature 18+ audiences only!


So, how about a nice little teaser? I think you’ll like this one… links for the book are at the bottom!

From “Consensual: A Club Imperial Novel”

She had a feline grace about her, and her long legs carried her to him. The crackling energy was back, jumping between them. He was beyond erect; it was excruciating how hard he was, and he watched her like a hawk. She caught his eyes, and wouldn’t let go.

He gasped. While Emmy had trapped his eyes, she had flicked the cat’s tails at him, sending a sting through his thigh. She quickly followed up on the other side. He gasped again, but there wasn’t really any pain. Just a sting. She dragged it on the floor again and then snapped it out, brushing his hip on either side in quick succession. She brushed them across his abdomen above his erection, then snapped at either side of his waist, then his ribs. His body was confused, completely and utterly lit on fire and he had no idea what to do with all the sensation.

She flicked again, much higher and one of the tails bit at his nipple. This gasp quickly turned into a moan, and he was panting hard. She continued up his body. Once she reached his elbows, she started to switch randomly around his body. The most delicious pain, aside from his chest was the soft side of his arm, and the inside of his thigh. He was consumed by trying to process the sensations she was creating in him. His brain was telling him this wasn’t right, it was stinging pain. His body was singing a different tune. He wanted to pull away, to curl up, to turn to stop the assault, but he was held fast. He was moaning and gasping with each twitch of the cat across his insanely sensitive skin.

It wasn’t even just the sensations that were driving him wild, it was the way Emmy was moving and looking at him. She was liquid and sensual, and wicked accurate with the flicks of her wrist. She was clearly turned on by him, by what she was doing and she was panting hard as well.

She flicked a few more times, and then coiled the cat up. She walked over to the wall and grabbed what looked like a lump of feathers mounted on a ball. She held it up. “Your skin is extremely sensitive right now. This tickler is going to feel intense.” She walked back over to him and stood very close to him, and dragged feathers down his arm.

“Oh, my God,” he hissed, the words coming out as a moan. Between the soft feather tendrils and stiffer less unforgiving spines, he felt every last movement of the tickler down his arm. He clenched his teeth and arced his back, his skin puckering everywhere. She did the same to the other side and his breath rushed out of his lungs. Down his shoulders, down over his chest, circling his nipples and teasing them, down his ribs across his stomach, down his hips and under to his balls. He felt himself tighten as the feathers scraped and tickled him, sending more shivers through his whole body.

Emmy stood even closer and circled his erection with the tickler. She leaned in, not touching him, and whispered in his ear. “You like?”

“I’m so close,” he answered, barely able to find the breath.

“You want some more?” She brought the feathers up his inner thigh.

“I want…” He couldn’t get the words out. “Please…”


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