Look! Paper!

consensualbook1I know there those of you out there who haven’t made the conversion to the digital word; that’s fine! I love a book in my hands– so much so that I’ve made Consensual available in print!

… well, that and I love designing covers. It’s fun for me. I don’t think that I’ll make it a business because the fun would drain out of it. Still, all the covers you see are my creations.

So Consensual is in paperback. Where can you buy it? Of course it’s at Amazon, what isn’t anymore? But it’s also available through the source for Amazon- CreateSpace.

CreateSpace is wonderful thing. They can help you put your book together, or you can do it completely yourself. Since I’ve already said that I make my own covers, I do my own layout as well. It’s not hard, but I was a layout artist for many years. So again, it’s second nature.

So if you would like to check it out in print, please feel free to visit the CreateSpace store that is dedicated to “Consensual”.

And read down a bit on the blog. There are some good teasers down below!

REMEMBER: Consensual is FREE on Smashwords through July!

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