Spare some words?

beggarcup ‘Scuse me, dear reader, but could you spare a few words?

I am thrilled that I am personally getting so much awesome feedback on “Consensual”. I feel like I’ve really done something RIGHT with this story and I’m glad I can share it with you. It makes me want to write more.

But I have to be a beggar right now, and ask you take just a minute for me. I would LOVE it if you could translate your personal praise into a review.

I’m not asking for a book report, I’m not asking for an in depth analysis of Emmy and Nathaniel’s relationship through the idea of deconstructionist feminism, or socialist propaganda. I don’t ask for a complete synopsis of the plot. What I would love for you to do it is to pop over to my page on Goodreads, Amazon or Barnes & Noble and drop me a line. Check out the short ones that are there. Just a quick opinion on the story and a few stars. Of course I want 5* from you– but I also want you to be honest. Honest reviews are worth their weight in gold.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading Club Imperial. I’m looking forward to entertaining with several more in the series, and I plan to make them as monetarily insignificant as possible– free if I can.

I only ask that you pay me in reviews. Drop a short line. Remember, your reviews are our bread and butter.

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