The End of Summer Sale!

I love the changing of seasons. Other people complain about the heat, but I just remember that in 6 months I’ll be freezing. And when people complain about the cold, I just remember that in six months I’ll be sweating.

But the best part of Labor Day is the start of the Fall season! I. love. fall. Love it. And so to celebrate what in the US is the official (if not scientific) beginning of the Autumn, I’m putting the Consensual ebook ON SALE for 3 days only! Aug 31 – Sept 2 you can get Consensual at all the regular places on sale for JUST 99¢.

We’re not just celebrating the start of Fall, but we’re going to celebrate the cover reveal — right here- at noon EST on Sept 2nd.

AND– one more thing. Read the promo carefully. There’s some important information in the bottom right…




So check it out in all the usual places —


And in print at the regular price at:

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