It’s always about the music…

keydetailWell, I’m delighted to tell you that the first book of the Silver Soul series, “Not Quite Juliet”, is at the end of it’s first stage– it’s written! Woo hoo! The first official word count is 97,558 and I cannot wait until you meet Nick and Morgan.

There’s a LOT of work to be done on the story yet. Because I want to get you Broken Bonds as soon as possible, I’m not even doing my traditional immediate read through. I gave it to my super-beta reader (one might even go so far as to say she’s a gamma reader, that’s how unready this is).  I’m sure she’ll have some thing to say about the mess.

On a personal note, this has to be the MOST shuffled story ever. Things would happen and then I would want to preface that with something else and I had to cut and paste and move and… Well. Lawdy, I have never writ like that before! How disconcerting!

The Royal We will be trying to avoid THAT mess next time.

On that note (tee hee), let’s talk a bit here.

I’ve already talked about how important music is to me, and with Silver Soul, I continue that demonstration. But not in the way you’re thinking. I mean there’s plenty of music and there are a few songs here and there, mostly written “by the band”. This time though– the music was my inspiration at the end.

I had a little trouble wrestling the end out of this one, boys and girls. I thought I had it nailed on Monday night, but when I woke up and reread it, I cringed. It just hung there limp, like an overcooked bundle of bok choy — for the record, not a fan of the bok choy– weeping at me that it wasn’t right. This wasn’t the right ending.

Damn it.

So. I actually left Real Work early yesterday, in part to the story and in part to the snow –thanks snow!– and went home. I put on the headphones for my phone and hit the playlists. I really wanted to use Spotify, but I discovered the sound card on my new laptop SUUHUUCKS. It sounded like my grandfather yelling at me through a tincan and a string. I wasn’t paying for the mobile site either. Pandora! Good choice!

And up on Pandora came a song I’d heard a few times there and there, but never really had the chance to listen to and truly enjoy. Learning where the buy button is on a Pandora was  a dangerous thing– I downloaded it and 3 other songs in the space of 20 minutes.

But this song, “Counting Stars” was EXACTLY what I needed. I hit the repeat button and listened to this song for 2 hours straight, while I fixed and rewrote my ending. This is the true test of a song in my world. If I can listen to it on repeat for an hour or more and not want to smash my head on the wall, it’s a keeper.

If you know me, I have some pretty nutty tastes in music, too. I range from loving the obscure and hating the popular, and I listen to a shitton of classical. I really know nothing more about OneRepublic than what’s on their wiki and this song.

I think I’ll be getting better acquainted with them. They managed to get me the better ending on my story. Thanks, gents!

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