CHOP and Not Quite Juliet

While Not Quite Juliet is generally lighthearted, it touches on a subject that is still somewhat verboten in some circles: infant and child loss. I have had several people in my life who have suffered the horrible tragedy of a lost child, at birth, weeks or months -sometimes even years- later. Some from medical mishaps, some from a genetic die-toss gone awry, some from SIDS.

Most recently, an acquaintance of a good friend suffered the loss of her child to brain cancer, DIPG. The family is fragmented and trying to fill the hole that this beautiful little girl left behind.

No family should suffer the loss of a child; no parent should have to buy tombstone. And to that end, for all the children lost, for all the childhood diseases that rob us of the littlest ones, I will be donating 10% of profits from “Not Quite Juliet”** to The Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania, in perpetuity.


-To Scarlett, Leann, and Levi; always in your hearts
though not in your arms.
-To Jennifer Lynn, the little girl I never met.

-To friends and family and those strangers who shared
their deepest pain with grieving parents.

-To T, whoever you are. Your words to a family in pain are
immortalized here in the hope that someone reads them
and understands, pain never fades. But eventually,
the other feelings come back.

Thank you.


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**Any and all derivatives of this title are included. In six months to a year, I plan to put out a “Soft Rock” version of this novel and that title will be included.

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